[Logged] "You've been kicked from the game" WTAH?!?


I’m on ps4,yesterday for the first time I’ve seen such message,game kicked me out and it actually said that I was kicked lol didn’t know people could kick you?


You can be kicked in customs. What were you doing? Matchmaking?


No it was ranked hunt2.0 and I got a loss too!


That’s super wierd…

@ArPharazon halp.


As I say first time I saw that bug yesterday! maybe Kala’s causing a few bugs because I think she was in the game!


I happened to see a similar bug in our internal bug database last night, and I think it was new. One of the players was kicked by the dedicated game server, is what it looked like. This was on one of our internal builds, separate from what the public plays on, so that’s a strange coincidence if the bug appears in both places at the same time. The public code is relatively much older.

When I’m back at work I’ll note that the bug has been seen “in the wild” now too.


I’m assuming you were playing on PS4? I think I’ve seen that’s the system you play on.


I encountered something similar today, PS4 NA.

Ranked Hunt 2.0

Mid-match, while I’m actively playing as Monster…


“The Monster has forfeited the match”.

Or something to that effect.

No footage because PS4 recording doesn’t work whenever there is a glitch in the play session. Yay!!!

Network, Internet, and PSN connections all verified immediately with no interruption.


Our internal bug was on PC. Updating now to add PS4.


I actually ended up experiencing this issue all night last night. Pretty frustrating.


so its the server doing it only? Or is a kick feature being tested to put in game so people have some control of their rooms?


The only thing I know about this is that someone was explicitly kicked, and it was unintentional.


Just had this bug as well (PS4).


i don’t know if this is happening to be too, but i try to join a quick play and a lot of the times it says internet or connection error. i thought it was my slow internet so i had someone come check it from my IP. the connection speeds seem to be up but still it tells me I’ve lost a connection or it no longer exist. would this be the same error? i am also on ps4…


@MrStrategio @ArPharazon

This is preventing me from completing matches I start and preventing me from joining matches at all frequently (9 out of every 10 games played in past 3 days). Read: your game won’t allow me to play it.

I will post video when I can – only because you legitimately seem to be in the dark (TRS) to the fact that something in your s$#t has broken, like it always does with Evolve and networking. Now I’ll re-link my youtube and PSN and spend 30 mins editing video just for you.


Seems like these networking bugs crop up often… For a year now. Oh well I guess. Play other games maybe?


I would like to chime in and say I am also experiencing this issue. Today I tried to play for the first time since Kala was released. I played 3 games of hunt 2 as a hunter and 1 as the monster. The games as a hunter I played as Kala and EMET, in both games I got to about 15 minute mark. At that point I was kicked to the main menu with the message “You have been kicked from the match”. Both games counted as losses for Hunt ranking and gave me the penalty for quiting out of the match. In the 1 game as monster I was playing as the Wraith. It also lasted to about the 15 minute mark. At that point I was taken to the main menu with the message, “You have been disconnected from the match”. This match also incurred the match quitting penalty and counted as a loss for Hunt ranking. Also of note I am playing on the PS4.


@ArPharazon it just happened to me on Xbox :frowning:


According to @MrStrategio, our current thinking was that this may have been caused by an intermittent PSN outage that was happening around that time.

That doesn’t explain any reports on Xbox, of course.


Hi again just to update you since i had that “you’ve been kicked” message (touch wood) a week on i’ve yet to experience it again since but obviously it’s still in the wild so just thought i’d update you on it