[Logged] When Bob gets drunk he forgets about reality and reality forgets about him

So I decided to practice some Crow so I started up a custom single player game with Bob as the monster.

However, in one game he decided that he was too tired so he stopped moving entirely. (He would still use abilities and melee).

Then in another game but same area, he just ran in a “circle”. Most of the time he would just continue running towards a wall for then to teleport to the spot you see him teleport to in the video. He did this over and over again, so eventually I just decided to spam the screenshot button and capture it.

After the video stops Bob decides to take another route, but finds himself banging his head up against another wall, here:

Since we are already talking about Bob, I feel like I should mention that a month back I decided that I wanted to just explore ‘the Dam’ map. So I decided to play as Caira and chose Bob as monster… Before I could really get to explore anything, Bob managed to kill himself… In just 2 minutes and 46 seconds…

No help from me or the other bots. I mean… is that even possible? Did Bob meet the true monster of Shear or did Bob die from alcohol poisoning?


I guess Bob was hurt by nobody picking him and all the crap that’s said about him so he turned to drinking.

All you forum guys killed Bob!


I’ve always supported bob…

All the forum guys apart from you then :smile:

I’ve always supported him too. I thought he was fairly well designed considering that whenever a game has a big, slow character they’re usually not as good as the fast ones. Felt like TRS did a good job of giving him enough damage (and maybe enough health) to compensate, killer even at stage 1 as something that huge should be. Well, besides the bugs and that.

He was bullied by his supposed “friends”, the other 3 Monsters.

They said that going out of bounds would transform him into an almighty Aftershock Kraken and poor Bob was willing to try anything at that point.

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I, too, have encountered problem of a bot Behemoth spontaneously stopping and just standing there, doing nothing for the rest of the match while he was destroyed. This was a Solo match in Arena mode, the first round, I was playing as Slim. Platform is PC.

By the way to drew the arrow on your screen shot I am not sure if you weren’t drunk too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you very much Bot for all of the details, screenshots, and video! This will really help us! I will log this! :blush:

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Can’t believe I’ve only posted one thing and there’s only 10 replies