[Logged] What the heck

I am not sure if this game has a problem with hackers, or if it’s just massively buggy, but either way this game is not in a fair playable state.

I was about to win a game as monster, it was my like 6th game today, and suddenly I lost the ability to feed on animals, traverse the environment even at max stamina, and I started hitting invisible walls everywhere blocking entire paths. Like I couldn’t do ANYTHING, even when there were no hunters around.

There was literally a large open area, not a single object insight, I couldn’t move forward, the hunters stayed behind some invisible wall, and alter when they put the dome up on me, I had an “Invisible dome” around me and then the real dome was half in that invisible one. So it made movement impossible even INSIDE the real dome.

Like wow, what a buggy game, god damn…

It sounds like your Monster ate some bad mushrooms.


Perhaps you could list what system you’re on, map, monster, etc. so that someone could possibly help prevent this from happening again instead of getting mad.


I was actually having fun up until that game, that game bugged out so bad I am not sure if I want to play ever again. That was the most infuriating chain of issues I have ever had in a game. Like I can’t describe how messed up it started acting.

I had a game where there were invisible walls trapping me in a small area as Behemoth. The dome had just gone down not 20 seconds ago so I know it wasn’t that. Just running into thin air, and there wasn’t a thing I could do.

Wish I had recorded that game. I hope you have better luck in the future, it is not fun when these things occur, though it is thankfully rather rare (or has been for me). If you happen to have recording software or any way to record games it might be smart to do so in the future so the devs can see what is up and help fix it.

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I tried to actually get recording software up at one point, but they killed me when I went to do that so I never got the chance. It won’t let me talk to them in chat so I can’t exactly ask them to hold up a moment or anything.

Like I know about the game, I know that gun fire interrupts feeding, that there are abilities that kill your stamina, etc etc so I am well aware that what was happening was no way natural with the game. When I say I couldn’t feed, climb, sprint, and there were invisible walls I mean literally that.
I’ve never seen a game bug so hard in my entire life.

I could have probably laughed it off if they let me talk to the enemy team, or maybe ask them to hold up while I recorded it, but for some reason that isn’t allowed.(Oh I should add it also turned all the timers and such invisible, so the round timer, the time until dead hunters re-deploy, and the hunter’s bodies themselves when downed- all invisible too)

I will take a break, I am too mad to play the game now, if I calm down later I might try again, but I might just uninstall after that I dunno, I need to calm down and then decide.

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One bug and you want to quit? I mean, first off, this bug is pretty rare and I certainly haven’t heard of it but maybe @Shaners has.

idk, just cool off and you’ll find that there are little bugs here and there (you’ll find more with bob than anything else because he’s fat and RW is hard to make work because of how it works) but usually the bugs don’t do much to affect you since they are here and there occurances.

Also, the patch recently caused a couple new bugs to arrive.

Tbh I said I was upset and wasn’t sure at the time, and that I wanted to cool off and see if I felt like going back in. I think you have just single handedly convinced me that leaving is a good idea, if the rest of the community is just like you.

If there was a recent large patch then that makes sense, that tends to happen if a lot of changes are dropped at once, and is perfectly acceptable if the follow up bugs are fixed soon and not just at the next large update.
Thank you for the info, I didn’t notice the last patch date at the forum top before tbh.

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What to heck?*

They’re working on crushing the invisible walls bug, something that’s been around for awhile but seems to be very rare (but always awful). I’ve personally never encountered it, but I’ve seen it from other forum-goers every few weeks.

As far as being unable to leap or eat mid-game, that’s a new one for me. I know that at the very start of a match, sometimes I’m unable to leap until the game has finished loading. Perhaps it was a lag spike? Were the hunters still shooting the crap out of you, or did wildlife and stuff temporarily stop altogether?

@Shaners We may have a new bug that needs cataloging.

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That sounds like a bad internet connection to me, but I could be wrong. The reason I say this is because I have a pretty bad internet connection and it happens to me very often.

it was a joke. May be distasteful but I have a different sense of humor/. /. sorry if I offended you

We definitely are aware of this. It is hard to recreate for sure! Without a video it can make it even harder. It is good to know if it happens often as well! Connection could also be very important regarding this~

@worksa7 This sounds odd. You make it sound like after that 1 point, all 3 of those issues started to occur with loss of feeding capability, loss of leaping capability, & invisible collisions suddenly appearing after a certain point. Is that correct? Or did one of those symptoms occur and then gradually the other issues started popping up.

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I had a similar problem in a Defend game as Behemoth.

I fought on the first generator and killed all the hunters but then I got stuck in an invisible box. I could not climb and I could not traverse/walk through narrow-ish canyons. After a few minutes I exited that game.