[Logged] Video ....[Freaze] Ask for restart glitch


I press restart … No one votes

So I decided to quit …at the same time someone else ask for a restart

At the end of the video … I can’t press start or move or exit the game …like a freaze but I can see the game is progressing

I had to go to Xbox dashboard to quit the game and restart it again !!


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Thank you very much for the info and the footage! I’ve never seen anything like this before. The video really helps! Logging it in!

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Hey Bader, so I tried to repro this bug but I was unable to get the issue. I am also unable to view your video for some reason. When you decided to quit when did the other user try to restart the round? Was it while you have the warning message about leaving the game up or before that message even appeared? Have you only seen this once?

Bader is suspended until December 21, 2192 5:04pm.
Reason: Extremely hostile abusive behavior in a PM

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Sorry, he was suspended
@Bot You ninja.

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Flops, begins laughing uncontrollably into dirt.

We’ve been unable to reproduce the issue on our latest builds. I’m hoping that the issue will be resovled for the OP in a future update, though since we can’t get any feedback from him at this time, we’ll be closing the issue and will revisit it again if it is reported again after August 11th when the next title update comes out.

Bader was suspended from the forums. I wouldn’t worry too much about the various bugs he posted as he seemed to be the only one to encounter them.