[Logged] Val/Parnell/Lennox/Bucket/Griffin Equipment Switch Glitch

When using Val, if you switch from any of her devices (particularly to her Tranq Gun) you sometimes can’t aim OR shoot for a few seconds.

Xbox One. Also PS4.

Happens to other characters - as seen below:

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Yeah, it’s on ps4 as well. It also happens with other characters (parnell is one of them too). Oddly it’s only online this happens. Offline that bug doesn’t exist.


This happens with Lenny, too.
When you try to switch out of the Cannon and back to the Lancer.

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Happens with Bucket too :tongue:


You guys sure your weapons aren’t still reloading in the background when you switch? You can tell if the little weapon icon is grayed out in the corner. If we’re thinking of the same thing, it might not be a bug, but by design. :open_mouth:

Nope. They’re already reloaded. If I’m running around, I always keep my guns reloaded. It only happens when I switch.

Alright then we’re not thinking of the same thing. Carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all.

It’s happened to me on Griffin. I’ve shot my invisible gun no problem though lol


Thank you all for the info! I will log it if I can’t find duplicates of these issues. Thank you again!

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I wonder how big this “log” actually is. :sweat_smile: It would probably scare small children if it ever got out.


Yea um… it is definitely, however, lots get fixed everyday! It just takes them a while to go through the process to go out!

I know, I know, and we really appreciate the work you guys do on getting this stuff fixed for us. :blush: I was just making an observation that there’s lots of stuff that gets logged every day and the list has probably reached a pretty hefty length from time-to-time.

This is similar kind of…


If you switch and shoot fast enough Parnells Rocket Launcher is invisible

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I’ve had the same problem on PC but I’ve only noticed it with Abe and Griffin when switching to their primaries.

Devs if its any help i know partially what the problem might be, i had seen this in Crysis 2 and 3 with the kvolt weapon, if the weapon had a suggested reload time of said 3 seconds, it would be implied the animation for such reload would be 3 seconds. However switching back and forth between weapons when a ammo clip was depleted meant you had to wait another 3 seconds before said weapon was reloaded. Whats occuring is people switching weapons so quickly the code is still running the background process for the reload, but the player is not seeing an animation becuase it was interuptted by a weapon switch.

This “bug” is most noticable on weapons with a high reload time. Due to being able to switch back and forth weapons in the event time of a reload.

But this occurs if I have both weapons reloaded and have been chilling out.

With Val, I just find a high perch and wait. I use the scope zoom to spot and switch to tranqs. Especially have noticed it when I’ve lost the monster and just waiting for bird sign…

The reason why its happening is becuase TRS implemented an “auto weapon reload” system, so whether the weapon has 99% of its capacity or 0% its going to start the weapon reload animation anytime a weapon is switched, as stated, we the player do not “see” the animation for reload when switching weapons, but i assure you its there

But that doesn’t explain it happening when I’ve been sitting around for a minute or so with a reloaded weapon.

I understand what you’re saying is that there’s a compensatory pause when quickly reloading a weapon, but it doesn’t explain a weapon that isn’t currently reloading. The animation is over and I’ve cycled back and forth between the weapons, without actually using them.

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Here’s what im trying to show, the problem i belive is the auto reload when weapon switching, makes every weapon follow the animation through, in Crysis 3 (another Cryengine game) there was a very high reloading time weapon named the K-volt, it took on average 3 seconds to reload, you would however only get the glitch if you initiated a weapon reload then switched weapons swiftly.

It may or may not be the problem in TRS’s case, but its much too similar to not review. Notice the delay until the game allows me to begin shooting. 3 seconds.