[Logged] Val missing tranq gun icon

Speaks for itself :

Note : I could still use the weapon fine
Also : @Shaners

The same for me with the trapper.

Did you have this from the beginning of the match?
Think I did

I don’t remembrer sorry :confused:

its even more annoying if u get it on hanks shield.
is it full? is it on 50%? hows the recharge doing? idk

Has anyone gotten this lately?

I sometimes get them reversed. Like my med gun will drain my tranq and my tranq will be my heal burst and so on. Doesn’t affect gameplay but does look funny.

Yes last week after the first hot swap with Sunny

So we haven’t been able to reproduce this, so I think it’s not a straight forward bug. Can you guys fill in any details leading up to the game where this occurred. Was the game loading in strangely/slowly? Did you join late or in some weird fashion. What characters you had, used. It seems like the HUD is breaking somehow, but the cause is unclear to me based on this thread. We’ll keep and eye out, but more details would be appreciated.