[Logged] Unneeded Voice Lines

There are times when as a hunter you ping a monster near the edge of a dome and your character will sometimes say a variation of “the monsters out” or “dome missed”. Now we all know the dome can’t miss, and this may be confusing for new players. So this is a heads up for something that may need to be removed. Thanks :+1:


@mizx @ArPharazon

I know what you mean, but at the same time I cry a little inside whenever we lose some dialogue…

“deploying UAV, which is to say my head”


I’ll tag @m3teeh or @happybirthdaymary so they can log it.

And yeah, I’ve noticed the issue myself too numerous times.


I will use this thread to post a misleading line I get sometimes while playing Griffin. I dont know if this is intended or not but if you are playing Griffin and you mark a monster in the distance the character will say something like:

Marking a blitz leopard !” or “Marcando velopardo !” in spanish.

I don’t know if this is intended but sometimes it might be a bit confusing.

PD: I can just confirm it happens in spanish but I am 99.99% sure that it happens in english too because lately I switched the language to english and I have heard that line.

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We are aware of this problem (the out of dome lines). I’ve pinged the internal issue we have with this link. :slight_smile:

We’ll try the blitzleopard one!


I’m also missing the ‘monster is nearly dead’ voice lines, those always worked so motivating for me!

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Oh no! Now that you’ve mentioned it, I haven’t heard Maggie scream out that “We are the monsters!” in a while… :sweat_smile: That is also logged. Thank you!


That might be my favourite Maggie line

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I did some research on the problem playing solo against bots. Well the exact line is:

“Tagged the bitzer” which is translated in spanish as “Marcando el velopardo” (velopardo=blitzleopard in spanish)

So I don’t know if it is a translation error or if “bitzer” actually means blitzleopard and it is a problem with the line itself :smiley:

PD: I would upload some clues but my gpu died and i can’t make any videos with the iGPU atm.

definitely a translation error. bitzer is what is said when only the monster is detected

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I was pinging like crazy and was about to give up and call it not an English bug when I finally got it… :joy: The bitzer one has been logged. :smiley: