[Logged] Tech Hank Shield more


Tech hank shield is bugged

If you rapidly spam R2 button to charge the shield to your teammate . It will give them more shields

If you use 1 shield charge 1 hit (R2) it will shield teammate less than trigger spammed R2

@Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @LordDeath


Y’know, I’ve seen this before, But I assume that won’t be necessary after he gets double shields. I don’t see this being fixed till 9.0 either


Pretty sure this is the same issue that causes Markov’s Lightning gun to last longer than the supposed 5 seconds. That bug is fixed in 9.0, so I assume that the TSH bug is fixed as well already in the dev build.


Yeah I’ll double check with @LordDeath since he was the one that found the beam based weapon issue, but I am pretty sure this will be fixed along with what has been put into TU09.

On a side note I know our lead gameplay programmer for Evolve did mention once the fix is out he’d throw out a blog explaining some things behind it. So this is a good reminder for me to bug him about it :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if this is the correct reason or it is an actual bug, but if you spam the shield/lighting gun does it recharge slightly between the trigger pulls? Resulting in more shield/longer firing?


There is a .5 second recharge delay before the beam weapons start recharging, so that would be a bug if that actually happens.


Wasn’t Hank’s shield specifically increased to a 1.5 seconds delay around 5.1?



1.5 second delay on shield when it has 0 ammo (ran out of ammo )


Yes, Hank has a 1.5 second delay. I was more so generalizing and just put a number off the top of my head that I remembered. Most right now are in the 1-1.5 seconds range for the recharge delay.