[Logged] Take a break/AFK bug


If you click the option to take a break before you leave the ship the game freaks out and teleports you back to the drop area you land at. This isn’t permanent because you can just press E to get out of it but I’m worried if someone disconnects at the right time it could leave the team with a 3v1. I tried replicating the bug a few times but I couldn’t do it. I don’t want to ruin other peoples games so I only tried it a few times.

I started recording after a few teleports. Here is what I got.

I don’t have audio because I was listening to a podcast so I muted it.


We are aware of the issue and we’re trying to piece together why this happens. Thanks for all the information!

And you are correct; this issue does sometimes leave the hunter team with one missing hunter if no one takes over the problem AI. :sob:

We’re hoping to find the cause and get a fix soon! Hang tight. :smiley: