[Logged] Sunny causing yellow screen flashes

Switching to Sunny’s jetpack booster would instantly cause this bug. The yellow squares would quickly flash one after the other.


Playing with @MidnightRoses, @Biobane. We lost a match to a guy that then taunted us afterwards, because this above is all I could see.

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There’s been a lot of this. It only happens on the booster right?

Yeah, I believe this is a known bug on all platforms.

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Yeah, only when you pull out the booster.

Then I’m sure.

This has happened to me once on PC, too. Also only when I pulled out the booster.

Can confirm, happened to me on PC with booster out.

by any chance were you using Quick switch?

I use reload speed.

so it’s not related to quickswitch only then :frowning:

This also wasn’t a custom game, and no one swapped to Sunny.

Weird, I’ve never run into this on XB.

@Shin, did you hotswap to Sunny prior to this happening?

It’s clearly an awesomeness/cuteness overload. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep its happening if u hotswap

rly fucking annoying

I have gotten this on XB1. I was originally sunny, hotswapped to Val then hotswapped back and couldn’t use booster.

I think it happened to me without hotswapping to her, I was also playing with some friends and they chose Sunny and the bug happened to them too.

This is on Xbox One for me

No, but the bug arose after he had resumed control after taking a break, as I recall, if that’s of any help.

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Yeah its a well known bug. I had this and it really really hurt my eyes.


Wearing Sunglasses :sunglasses:

Okay, so still only seems to occur when taking control of Sunny from a bot… Thanks Rose!