[Logged] Strikes Out of Order? [X1]


So I had kind of a weird bug I’ve never seen before happen to me two days ago.

Mode: Hunt 2.0
Map: The Dam
Monster: Behemoth
Hunters involved: Assault (Torvald) & Support (Hank)
Other Hunters: Slim & Griffin
Monster: Behemoth

So the match starts up, we’re on the Monster’s trail. I then realize that the Support has split away from the group. We headed off to the left from the Dam toward the feeding ground there. By the time I realized the Support (who did not have a mic) had broken away from the group, he was about 160m away. He went through the cave system toward the end of the map. I started heading toward him since solo Hunters make me nervous. And my anxiety was rightly founded. By the time I was about halfway to his location, he stepped right in a plant. I figured I’d be able to get him out and we’d just have to take that free strike. By the time I can see him, I realize the Monster is standing over the plant ensuring his death. I shot him but he had enough armor to tank the mortars and camp the body. Support died.

About halfway through the respawn timer he dropped from the game. Could’ve been a rage quit, could’ve been a legit DC. I dunno. But we had a bot now. Yay. :unamused:

A little later the Monster gets S2 and some armor and comes to fight us closer to the Dam. So we’re fighting, trying to survive, it’s going okay. I’m trying to keep up the pressure without getting too aggressive. A misstep on my part allowed him to get me in the wall and murder me. While I’m dying, the drop ship is bringing our bot back. I died and switched to the Support to try to make something happen out of this terrible situation. Got a solid orbital on him when he walled himself in but he was still able to get me. Cloak didn’t really do anything to prolong my life. Medic goes down. The Trapper does manage to get away and we get another dropship. I come back as the Support and immediately switch to the Assault. I very soon realize that the Assault has 2 strikes while the Support only has 1. I’m sure my recollection of the match is correct.

Assault was downed and killed once. Support was downed and killed twice. But the Assault had 2 strikes and Support only had 1. Odd. I mean, we were screwed anyways from the get go pretty much but still. This is a definite bug. One I’ve only encountered a single time.

Let me know if you guys need any additional info to get to the bottom of this. I tried to be as detailed as possible. :smile:

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There’s a bug when it comes to bots and respawning without the proper strikes, I think it’s on all platforms.

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So then this is an already logged bug? If so, feel free to close it. I dunno, I just know I’d never seen it before the new Hunt so I thought it could’ve been new.


I’m not sure if it’s logged or not, just adding my knowledge of the bug from personal experience and reading others experienced :smile:

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Thank youu for your help!

It was logged internally at some point!


Thank you very much for all of your info!

It will definitely help!