[Logged] Static Wildlife Location is now RNG?



I have been seeing this lately that some of the supposedly static wildlife location on these two maps are now RNG: Wraith Trap and Weather Control. Can we get any Dev to confirm this?

Here is the video for those two locations.

@happybirthdaymary @mizx @ThomasJ


Hi @Kitt !

So I had Thomas help me take a look at this. It is a bug, and we have logged it in our system. Thank you for letting us know :cow: :rooster: :elephant:


Great! Though I want to know if they are supposed to spawn or not at the start of the game.


Yes, they are suppose to spawn at the start of the game :slight_smile: Thomas is working his magic on this.


Alright, thank you :blush:


@Kitt , Hi can I ask where did you get those maps? (are they official?) I noticed that the striders to the left of the spawn on weather control are missing (as well as the spotters in the small cave to the right of spawn). If you made these maps then I guess you missed those because they don’t spawn right away (or perhaps you just wanted to mark wildlife that was available from the start). I always assumed that these didn’t appear at the start of the game because they were too close to the spawn point. I also noticed those other striders you mentioned not spawning which made certain feed routes unreliable but I figured it was for the same reason (moving to their spawn location too quickly). Just like the buffs won’t spawn if you are standing near their location.

I wonder if those other striders are also supposed to spawn at the start of the game. Also, what about the striders near the spawn on wraith trap are they supposed to be there or not at the start?


@Wilson I got it from here. https://m.reddit.com/r/EvolveGame/comments/4u0dnb/wildlife_maps/?ref=search_posts


Sometimes they do and they dont, which is very inconsistent. If I was to choose that route and it didn’t spawn then I would be 4 meats short. And @happybirthdaymary said they are supposed to.

Here’s the thing. In the video that I showed you it wasn’t there. Problem is I have been using that route on wraith trap every game and it always spawned for me since 2.02. It was only recently around 2.06 patch I think that I started noticing it became RNG.