[Logged] Situation Lazarus is visible

when using a cloak … (invisible)

when using cloak ability while using jet (Visible)

I have cloaked 12 times in a single match . 2 times I was visible because I cloaked while using my jet

plz Fix it

What platform is this on? To clarify, Laz remains visible when using cloak in water. Is what you’re trying to say right?


To be clear the glitch happens

when using cloak and using jet at the same time … you will be visible the whole time you are cloaking

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Might explain why it’s happened so much to me as Laz? But this isn’t why it always happens, I’ve had it nowhere near water.

my bad :sweat_smile: .

actually while using jet 2 times I faced it … In Med-lab - Arena mode


I just started playing on PC again, and I ran into this the other night. Not every time, but enough where I noticed it.

I haven’t had this issue on XB that I can remember.
I’ve had this on XB now when I was pressing A to jetpack at the same time I pushed LB to cloak

Have you recorded this footage? Also, what platform are you playing on?

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happens on ps4 also.

xb1 & pc :grin:

more often in xb1

@Shaners in case this bug got by her :smile:

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