[Logged] "Searching" for players text disappearing

Last sanity check… it says “log_enabled 1” without the quotes in the config file, correct? ><

Yep, without quotes.

Someone else submitted logs for this!
…Though I’m still pulling my hair a bit about why your game.log isn’t generating… :confused:

The bug has been logged and is on our network programmer.

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Just to be sure, when @m3teeh said “Close the game” you did exit the game and shut down the program right?

Because I notice your wording in response to her was [quote=“GSUser43, post:10, topic:102050, full:true”]
Sorry, but I don’t know what is going on, I’m being stuck at signing in as you said, and then I minimize the window to close the game, but nothing’s being copied to my clipboard.

Minimizing the window is not closing the game. If you have the game up and just copied the file in there, it would not take effect, which would explain why it’s not generating any logs.

Yes. Also, I meant WINDOWED the game, not minimized it, sorry for using wrong words.