[Logged] "Searching" for players text disappearing

No it does NOT search unless you quit and start searching again, I guarantee it as I spent MINUTES and couldn’t find even a single player with that screen.

As I said above:

You know, like “player found” and then the next moment they disappear, it happens.
Regardless of being when I just opened the game or after playing several matches, it happens just the same.

How often do you get this issue?

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Often, about 35% when I search for players.

Looks like I was right to quit then.
I get it a lot aswell it’s a pain

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Can you give us your game logs please?
Run the .bat file in the link before and once you get stuck, close the game, and paste to me what should’ve auto generated onto your clipboard (you don’t need to copy anything manually).

Sorry, but I don’t know what is going on, I’m being stuck at signing in as you said, and then I minimize the window to close the game, but nothing’s being copied to my clipboard.

Hm… If the .bat file isn’t working for you, can you try this instead please?

Hi! The Game.log file was generated, but it’s literally empty! Is that OK?

Hm… If the instructions were followed, the game.log should have information inside of it. Did you create the user.cfg file and put it into the folder?

I created it inside the game folder, yes.

:confused: Can you post a screenshot of the folder please? Maybe something else is missing…

Here it is:

Rats, everything looks to be correct…



Have you launched the game since creating the user.cfg file?

Yes I did.

In fact, I played a match, quit the game and it’s STILL empty!

Last sanity check… it says “log_enabled 1” without the quotes in the config file, correct? ><

Yep, without quotes.

Someone else submitted logs for this!
…Though I’m still pulling my hair a bit about why your game.log isn’t generating… :confused:

The bug has been logged and is on our network programmer.

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