[Logged] Screen very flashy and bright - not a rainbow - divided into 4 squares when selected Sunnys Jetpack boost

It was a Custom game 3vs1, my pick was Markov - played for few sec as him, switched to Sunny, played as sunny (everything was fine) then switched to markov, fought Goli - rest is on video.

later on i switched to markov again, everything was fine, then switched to sunny, but only on her boost i had that bug.


That’s very odd… O_o

This appears to be a bug to do with Quickswitch. There have been multiple reports of it happening with Quickswitch and I have also had it happen to me with Val quickswitching to her.

I was using quickswitch on Markov.

My friend also had this when he used sunny. @anthymes show that clip that you similarly had as well on our match versus a wraith.

Thank you very much for the info and the vid! Very helpful!

This bug happens only when you equip the jetpack booster. Otherwise when you have the shield drone or grenade launcher in your hand there is no problem. This bug occurred midway through the game and lasted through the rest of the duration.h


So I was casually just being a sunny then… this happens…

The good news is, I fixed this bug yesterday. The bad news is, it won’t be on the next update. Rather, it’ll be on the one after that.