[Logged]Really nasty Gorgon pounce bug [Video] This will kill a Gorgon player every time


I will pounce a hunter and be unable to stop pouncing. The hunters can shoot me but it won’t keep me from pouncing. To top it off my pounce is also doing no damage. I am in a death lock with no escape.

Gorgon wall pounce glitch (stuck in animation)
Gorgon wall pounce glitch (stuck in animation)
Pounce Bug

Glad you finally captured this.

This has happend to @Will_Reed a.k.a. Noodles in at least two games where I’ve played against him.

Paging @MrStrategio


Happens to me a lot as well. I’ve cut back on my evolve and have been living on fallout 4 until its fixed lol. Less frustration.


Happened to me on a game of defend.

What’s interesting is you can see Val’s poison and hear her sniper, so she must not be pounced on her screen. You can even see her heal someone with the medbeam at one point. Would be interesting to get Hunter’s perspective on this.


Oh great… one of Gorgon’s KEY aspects and you can’t risk using it otherwise you risk giving yourself an instant(ish) painful loss as you watch your HP go away.

What’s even sadder is that Hank’s aim with his barrage…

Even if something was above Gorgon one could tell he wasn’t getting anything before he even fired.


Same happened to me and I believe I posted a clip of it somewhere on the forums. Hank dropped a full orbital clip on me while I was stuck pouncing assault…if I find the clip, I will post it here as well.




The two clips I’ve seen of this both have Hank, Crow ,and Hyde in the game and Gorgon is currently stasised while this is happening.


It’s not just Gorgon, I’ve seen it happen with Goliath a couple times, but only since this last patch.

If you’re in QuickPlay you can use the Take a Break option. The AI will break the pounce. But then the person you had pounced will be attached to your monsters feet and will travel with you. It’s pretty funny actually, if a bit game breaking. I’ve lost a couple matches this way.


Any videos? Would love to see this happen!


Thanks for reporting this and including a video. We’ll be looking into it. I’ll be logging this one @Shaners

How often has this been occurring? Does it seem to only happen while in combat?
Has it happened with a lone hunter that gets pounced and damage isn’t done to the monster until a short while later? I wonder if taking damage while pouncing is causing it.


It happens to me every 1 in every 15 matches I play as Gorgon. It appears to happen when I grab hunters in the air, or while they are jetpacking, or if they are jumping off a ledge, and I wall pounce them.
If I am going for wall pounces though, it occurs in just under 10% 0f my matches. I go for wall pounce a lot.

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This is the first time it has happened to me. Don’t really know what event(s) caused it to happen.


My mistake. I forgot that @Will_Reed is Zarbane.

@MrStrategio, this has happened to @Noodles quite often. He knows exactly how to reproduce it. You wall pounce a hunter while they’re in mid jetpack.


Thanks for uploading this, wasn’t able to get around to it but this is exactly how it happens every time if they are jet packing. Now it’s just a matter of time until the root of the problem get’s sorted out and I can pounce again without worry :slight_smile:


If you want to make this bug more buggy, try choosing “Take a break” after it happens. The bot will be able to disengage. Then, if you take over the bot, you’ll find the character you’ve pounced is stuck to you, and you start moving all over the place in weird ways.

I’ve only done this once, and have no video. If I am every able to replicate I’ll try to record it.


Last night, my friends and I (a party of three) encountered this glitch on “Quick Play” in Arena on Barracks, in the dome furthest East in the corner of the map.

He was Gorgon; he did a wall pounce on Maggie, she was on a ledge, Gorgon pounced, slid off the edge and unto the ground beneath, he was stuck Pouncing. Gorgon went “Idle”, it stopped the animation but the player was stuck to the monster, Maggie flailed about on our screen (From the “glitched Hunters perspective”, Maggie, it appears your simply stuck to the monster).

For 5-15 seconds this occurred, until Gorgon pounced a Marsh Strider (Canyon Strider?). That seemingly undid the entire glitch henceforth. That “Glitch” didn’t occur for the entire remaining session to the lobby (though I can’t remember if he wall pounced again or not)

I feel, from what I’ve seen, holding the Wall Pounce for 1-3 seconds before actually pouncing reduces the chance of bugs.

Hope this helps!


Curious if the fix for this is still in the works or if we are just waiting for the next title update to implement it.


matter of time

#matter of time


Just found out this happens on wildlife as well, will try to get the highlight posted later.

So pretty much can take out the variable of jet packs and hunters being in the air.

Edit: here’s the link, there’s 2 different games back to back with pounces, second one has the game where it happens on a reaver


just remove the quotes for the link