[Logged] PS4 - White noise rain and healing halos? (Visual bugs)


Bug was NOT experienced by myself. I saw pictures of them sent by a member of the party though. I’ve uploaded them below. Bugs were experienced in Arena mode. I’m reporting 2 different bugs, though they MAY be related as they occurred in the same day, and to the same person.

White noise rain
The screen is covered by a sheet of white, with diagonal black streaks that to me look like the rain effect [I can’t remember if it was actually raining in that match]. HUD is still displayed and I believe character names were also visible (Amazingly he managed to heal everyone up with Caira whilst his screen was just covered with that. We won the match!).

Healing halos
Large healing clouds.

Got to admit. The healing halos one IS kinda sweet looking.

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That’s really weird. Never experienced something like that on pc.

Never heard of or experienced it myself either. Not sure what fixed it exactly, but I assume it was closing Evolve and reopening. He didn’t experience it after that. Not sure if the issue is Arena specific or not.

Thank you VERY much for the image and info!

This has been logged!

We haven’t been able to reproduce these issues. Can you find out if the user is still experiencing them?

It was a one-time issue. I haven’t heard of it occurring any other time or to anyone else in the community, sorry. Could it be possible it was accidentally fixed? I think we were a patch behind PC at the time.

Geezuz! If that rain were real even a Monster would say “Fuck that! I’ll drown!”

And if those healing halos were real… Tier 5 Medic OP PLZ NARF!