[Logged] [PS4] Floating glitch (CAN THIS PLEASE BE A CUSTOM OPTION?!)


@Shaners Had so much fun with this! Uploaded the full video, but you can pretty much see it and will likely know about this issue from before. Didn’t see this as something that’s being worked on in the bug topic so I assume it’s considered fixed at the moment?

It started in a custom match, we all dropped out of the dropship and fell feet first, halting just outside the dropship doors. We weren’t sure if the game froze, but then realized we could float around. This led to ~20 mins of awesome fun. We were laughing so much whilst playing.

Please make this a custom option for fun games. I’m sure people would love fun things like these to use when the actual game drags us down @Macman :stuck_out_tongue:

Key note points;

  • Walking off of cliffs lets you float
  • Dying removes the ability
  • Started immediately and affected all hunters (But not the monster).
  • All tumbles also allowed floating [E.g. Fissure and Orbitals knockback on hunters]
  • Use of jetpack caused you to fall again
  • Jumps resulted in a low-gravity feel (Kind of like using jump height but without the extra height)

If you want to see the conclussion just check the second part of the video out. Vid is my POV, and unfortunately I was the only one who died, losing the ability to float ;-; fights at the power relay were probably the most funny bits.

@SQUAry_berry395 Look, you’re famous too.

Floating hunters Bug [PC] Video added

Speaking as the behemoth here, I wholeheartedly vote for this not to be a mode. This was one of the most stressful games I have ever played. I kept trying to tongue grab, but whenever it hit, they’d just fly off. It was alright fun when I realised what was going on though. Just as a bit of background here, I didn’t know they were glitching until the bit where slim was on top of the relay, I just thought they were really good with line of sight, and that I was doing really well hitting stage 3 with no health loss and two strikes on trapper. At about 1.30 through the second video, I plugged in my mic and asked what the hell was going on. I was so confused, and I now live in constant fear that @xTr1ckOrTr3atx is actually a hacker.


Well I would understand in solo and customs, which is what he means lol


Nah, tricks is a hacker


Goofy custom game options like that would be the best thing ever~ X3

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Would have been awesome to have Behemoth flying around too. You almost took Slim’s head off with one of your lava bombs (probs somewhere in the video). Also, you can see now that I wasn’t flying for 3/4 of the match, because you selfishly killed me.

Who you calling a hacker? See if I heal you next time. I’m going to go medic JUST so that I can NOT heal you. I’ll also then go Sunny and tease you with jetpack booster, stopping before you can actually use it.


Yeah, we could have had a sky party. There’s a bit where I try to knock slim out of the sky with a rock wall in the relay. I can’t hit anything except tongue grab against mid-air.
Oh yeah? Well I’m going laz, and I’m reviving you normally. Suck it.


Yea this was real fun and @Killedbyaspotter reaction was priceless XD,I just wonder what could have caused this

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Too OP, man. hahaha


We actually came across this bug in-house today! Thank you VERY much for the video and notes. It really helps! :smile:

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Oh yeah, I’ve had this. It seemed to me like gravity was turned off and would only reactivate if you jetpacked. If you walked off a ledge, boosted at something and bounced off, or were thrown into the air by a fissure or tongue grab, there was no gravity. I could slowly alter my trajectory like a falling hunter and slowly build up momentum.

It was pretty fun, but I imagine awful for the poor Behemoth who didn’t want to restart.


Ok so a question to everyone who has had this. Try to remember if you restarted the round before hand. Whenever this happens it is usually after a restart.


No we didn’t. I noted down all the major things. This was a custom match and we took turns being the monster. Don’t remember if we used round robin but I’m sure we didn’t.