[Logged] Protocol Error Prevents Me From Playing

I keep getting kicked out of games because I am getting a protocol error, which is annoying enough. Apparently this does not excuse me from from the quit penalty. I now have to wait 1800 seconds before searching and I get a loss which is lowering my skill level because I keep getting kicked out of the game.

I am on Xbox One, does anyone know how to solve this issue? It is getting very annoying and now I can’t even play the game because of it and even once this 30 minute penalty is up I won’t want to keep playing if I keep getting losses because I get kicked every other match.

Happening to me too. I used to never get this error but ive gotten it 10+ over the past two days. Just got a deserter penalty as well even though I rejoined before it ended.

Thank you for the info, what platform are you on?

I am on Xbox One.

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Still getting it today. Is there no known fix for this issue?
I read that deleting your local save and syncing again could, but it did not. The next suggestion was to delete it all and send a screenshot of my progress to get it restored. My issue with that is while I wait there is no point in playing, as I will have to unlock characters again and it took about a month to get my progress back early on when the resets were happening.

I was really looking forward to play this game then next few weeks as my friend has it for now. Then I saw the update and got more excited. I had no problem for a few hours after the update, but now the game is completely unplayable.

I’m having this issue as well on PC. Up to about 1500 seconds penalty time when every single disconnect has been due either a rare crash or, more commonly, a protocol error. I’ve gotten protocol errors before, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them in this frequency, and its way more annoying now that there’s actual consequences attached.

If you still get this, please refer to this post and provide the requested information.