[Logged] Possible bug with Slow-Buff (When monster has it)


When the monster has slow buff, and hits the hunters- To the best of my knowledge its only supposed to slow their running speed.

But it appears to ALSO be crippling their jetpack boost/thrust as well- Much like being web-snared by Gorgon. Again, to my knowledge, this is NOT intentional- And if im recalling correctly, didnt ALWAYS do this.

Any chance a dev can confirm? @Insane_521 @LordDeath @GentlemanSquirl etc.

Many thanks


Gonna agree as I’d was the one that seem to test this against some people in pubs and get amped point blank in the face to test this.


An amped parnell super soldier face-stomp never hurt nobody.


I don’t understand why buffs are even still a thing in ranked mode, after a dozen of polls with majority of players voting to remove them from it. But even aside from polls it’s surprising that these buffs exist in ranked hunt to begin with, it doesn’t make any sense.

I wish TRS was so stubborn about fixing bugs as they are about defending their buffs idea. Damn it guys, it’s an asymmetrical game which means balance is already an extremely difficult thing to achieve, why would you want to have some silly buffs in it, which simply exaggerates and distorts balance even further.

It’d be only acceptable as an optional feature for people who want to have this kind of… fun.

Sorry for an off topic, sort of.


Funny enough, we actually spent some time this earlier this week working on this specific issue. The jet pack reduction is not intended.

And since I’m here, @Sushifox we have a new system coming in next patch that will actually make playing with buffs much more enjoyable. In competitive we always played with them off just due to their random elements but, I think with the changes coming in the next update they should be a viable option for competitive play. We also went through and adjusted numerous buffs values, so it’ll be interesting to see how they play out at all levels.

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Alright, good to know it was at least recognized as a problem. Curious to see what exactly changed apart from values.


Im half wondering if web snare shares some code with the buff and things overlapped


Y,know with all the hints and speculation over the past month… I’m starting to think it would be more helpful if you told us what your NOT changing


Heh, it’s been doing this for at least 10 months or so. It was the case when I made the elite wildlife sound videos, because I included it in the description here:


I only noticed it since gorgon was released. When i played trapper and some pub sunny player was bitching for me to use the boost but you can’t go anywhere cause of the slow buff no movement or jets.


This new patch becomes yet more intriguing. Buffs a viable option?! Hmmmm