[Logged] Plants are evil.. I have proof (PS4)

So… Was having a fairly decent game against this guy, and we were quite confident we could beat him. However, after the second dome this happens upon falling into a plant (I know… But in my defence it was hidden inside a bush and not in view at all… DX)

After being freed from it… Things got… Weird… Then a sloth joined the party. From the party chat all I was told is I was glitching out.

@SQUAry_berry395 This is what I saw. Not sure what you saw and if it was more or less the same as is happening on my screen.


EDIT: The only thing I could consistently do was shoot. Movement was jerky. I could move sometimes and then I would be frozen. I think I could look around a little too. In the vid I was trying to move, jetpack, jump and shoot. I also tried to stop moving to see if it corrected itself. It did seem to stop the flashing but then it came back again.

I left the game and rejoined via invite, and it was fixed. (Hunt 2.0).

You stepped on an acid plant… you dummie…


I had a feeling it might be something like that… Perhaps they’re evolving slowly… Soon all plants will do this, so that if you step into one and get out, you won’t be able to make it out of the next… Soon all of the hunters are experiencing this, and you’re ripe for the picking…

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It is called “Evolve”… :frowning:

Omg… Imagine if the reavers and mammoth birds evolved next :frowning:

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Had a game where a group of Mammoth Birds transformed into obsidian grubs as soon as I got close so Its sooner than we think…


Omg… Camouflaging…

The end is upon us…


They will strike us from the shadows… There is no escape…


I swear someone had this before… o.o
Edit, yeah exactly, about a month ago, still no word on it!

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Yeah, me too. When I saw the flashes it looked familiar. I don’t know who it was, but I don’t think they had a vid of it. For some reason I feel like it was @Moiser

Edit: Wasn’t the topic I saw it on but yep. Exact same bug.

I had something like this happen to me about a week and a half ago… didn’t have the visual glitches like you did, but I couldn’t move very easily. Ended up turning my controller off then back on and that fixed it (don’t know why, but it worked). It was like the game only half registered that I had been freed from the plant.

Edit: Xbox One, was playing Slim on Orbital Drill. I don’t have a video, unfortunately…

Which console? It may help the Devs.

Judging from the experience afterwards, Id say that flytrap was actually a mushroom.

Poor Abe, gone on a looong trip.

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This is the exact bug i told you about when you said you were glitching out and had black and white things on your screen.

This happened to me a couple of time as well can’t believe this cost us a match ;-;