[Logged] Planet Scanner not revealing Monster to the Trapper

Unfortunately, I don’t have many details to share. Occasionally, I get to a match where the Planet Scanner doesn’t reveal the Monster’s outline for the Trapper. And yes, I’m sure of it, because I’ve used it while the Monster was in front of me, or behind a pillar, or inside a dome, and it still did not show up.

It happened on every map, and with every Monster, there seems to be no specific configuration for this bug to happen. What could have a connection, however, would be how the previous match was played, but I haven’t noticed anything specific. I just needed to have this bug reporter so others would be aware of it.

While not game breaking, it is quite bothersome since you expect to be able see it.

If you have any details, please share.


Does it happen with a specific Trapper only?

Maybe try some troubleshooting steps as well to see if it fixes it:

I only played with Crow and Electro Griffin, but it happened to both of them.

I’ve checked the Self-help, again, but I’m sure it ain’t an issue with my game or specific rig, the game runs smoothly in all aspects, except for the regular bugs, such as this one.

I’ve encountered this once and as it turned out the monster was cheating. He was teleporting to get away and at at stage three at the relay we brought him down to half hp where he then made one melee attack and downed everyone on the map no matter how far away.

Thankfully that wasn’t my case. Not to my knowledge, anyway. That is to say, a bug that happens to regular players as well.

Afaik if monster sneaks, scanner doesn’t show the outline of it. So if monster press ctrl right after the scanning announcement appears, it can avoid being shown by trapper.

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With the outline not showing up, there is a valid explanation. If the monster uses stealth when PS is activated, the outline will not be revealed

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That can’t be the case, I’ve seen Monsters being revealed on sneak mode since day one. Actually, just yesterday I avoided a pounce by seeing a Monster in sneak mode with the PS.

Does it only happen with human players or with bots as well?
A recording of this would definitely help as well, if only so the dev team can see the problem visually.

To regular players. Don’t remember seeing this happening with bots, but that’s also because I don’t play against bots, unless the player leaves the game.

I suppose I could upload something, but, all it would show is the arrow pointing to the Monster but his outline wouldn’t be there. I’ll see if I do that next time.

Check if it happens with bots as well. If it does, it will make recording the outline of the monster easier (as it is easier to track and follow the monster)

Not true. They get outlined while sneaking as well. Now if it was a case of sneaking BEFORE planet scanner was activated I could see that working.

You mean before the radar reaches it or activation of scanning?

If you try and sneak after you have already been pinged by scanner it shows outline. I don’t know about before though. Also of note the scanner is kinda buggy atm and multiple people report the trapper not seeing outlines in various scenarios when they should be seeing it.

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If you sneak after being pinged by scanner, nothing changes. That’s for sure, but that’s not what I’ve meant to say. There is delay between activation of scan and outlining a monster. Monster gets an alarm when the scan is activated, thus he has time to sneak before the scan actually pings him.

This is how monsters avoid being pinged afaik, and I’ve been using this technique for a while now.

Weird because I have def outlined monsters that were sneaking the entire time. It is usually how I find a s1 wraith that doesn’t wanna fight since that seems to be the only monster I see actively sneaking a lot.

I on the other hand, experienced Goliath not beeing pinged by my scanner when he was right under me, because he was sneaking. Maybe it’s buggy atm, if you say so.

Yeah happens to me a lot too. It is just random and it does not show up the monster like said above.
Doesn’t seem to be caused in a specific map or with specific monster.
Only reason I didn’t report it earlier is because I was very sure someone would have already done it since talking with various people they have the same issue.

I just tested it with a friend and being on sneak mode bears no effect on being pinged/showing up outlined.

It is a bug.

Can confirm.

Played trapper: Maggie
Map: Wraith Trap
Monster: (OG) Goliath

Planet scan shows the monsters direction, but doesn’t outline the monster model even when he is not sneaking..
It doesn’t matter how close the monster is, the bug is persistent on every range.
The bug is not session but round related. Either you have a round where the bug never appears, or you play a round where the bug is persistent for the whole match.

Planet scan should show the monsters direction and should outline the monster through walls within a certain range, while it’s not sneaking.

Would be great if you would have a look into this @LordDeath @Insane_521

Thanks in advance!

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