[Logged] Parnell Super Soldier Bug Doesn't Shoot


I noticed these couple of weeks, since i main parnell, that there’s this frustrating bug where you activate super soldier, and right after you cannot do anything. i actually don’t know what’s related to. i thought about ping, but i play normally from 30 to 100 ping, it’s not that bad. so it’s certainly not ping related, but i swear to god, it doesn’t do anything right after SS. i cannot shoot, i can only switch weapons for like 5 seconds and then it’s all good. but those 5 seconds in evolve scenarios are a lot.


Sounds like some form of autoreload, though I have only noticed it when the weapon I currently had equipped wasn’t reloaded yet and changing weapons should certainly have fixed it in both our cases.

If you use SS and both of your weapons are useless for a good amount of time, either you’ve been switching between your weapons ridiculously fast causing both of them to be reloading in the background when you activate SS or it’s an entirely new bug.


i know that thing when you switch too fast the background realod time keeps on going even if you have that weapon equipped. that i know. but it has nothing to do with it


this bug exists i thought i was the only one but one out of 10 times i have the same problem you activate super soldier 2-3 seconds nothing happens both weapons can’t reload or shoot then it disappears. now gonna get some popcorn for the other thread hahaha


Agreed this bug should be found and destroyed :smiley: I can’t count how many times a Kraken came down to AS and I’d use SS and start blinking waiting for my gun to shoot, repeatedly clicking my left mouse button.


So I know there are two bugs in the current live build that can really mess with Parnell. One of which is the Slim bug taking away Super Solider while it is healing Parnell before he actives the ability. The other which is more of a global fix that we’ll be seeing next update. If you background reload certain weapons when they are fully empty it’ll actually double the reload time and lock the player out of using the weapon. Since Parnell is technically ‘switching’ weapons when using SS, this is prob why we see this bug the most on him out of all the Hunters.

Both of these are pretty damn frustrating (Parnell is one of my main Assaults) and both are going to be fixed in the next update.

Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

Is the double reload bugfix just for Parnell or for all the hunters? That would be awesome :smiley:


Yes it is a global fix. Was pretty bothersome when it happened to Hyde after throwing a toxic grenade.


So that’s why I can’t throw the damn thing! Good to know.


This is rather specific, buy why can I sometimes shoot the gas grenade and make it explode, while other times I can’t?


oh well that could explain it!

just so you know better, it happens also when i’m not switching guns. like i’m starting with the shotgun, i use SS, and the bug still occurs.


Correct, that is because you’re telling the game “hey switch to this ability and use it” despite it just being a short inject animation you’re still technically switching weapons for a brief moment in the game code.


Please please please tell me there is something coming in for lennox when using thunder-strike if she has the AA gun out?


i got it all of the time too, cant wait for the patch.


oh ok. “got it” - Val

thanks for the explaination!


Double tagging @Insane_521 for this because a fix for that would be sweeeet.

Really annoying to constantly suffer from the autoreload after every Thunder Strike, especially considering it’s completely unnecessary with a clip size as large as hers.
If that’s too difficult, perhaps there’s a possibility of increasing reload speed but reducing capacity for her AA gun?
Pretty please?