[Logged] Odd Meteor Goliath AI Issues



I haven’t seen anyone else comment on this yet, so I thought I would share some oddities with Meteor Goliath’s AI in some instances. I have noticed on a fairly common occurrence that there will be times when Meteor Goliath seems to give up, simply standing in place for no apparent reason.

I have noticed this primarily in Arena, but I do think I have seen this in Hunt as well. I dont play too many matches of other modes, but it may be prevalent in them as well. My videos show this only as me playing as Jack, but it has happened to other characters. I’ve noticed this when Goliath is at ~1/2 health, no armor but I’m not sure if that is a contributing factor.


I’ve also seen Meteor Goliath walk slowly backwards in a game today. I thought he was preparing to do a rock throw or something, but you will see its like he wants to run away, but cant turn away from us. After the video, he continued walking backwards until he died. This was in a Hunt match.


If I find more details about what is happening when this occurs, I will try to update this with them as well as additional videos.

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One thing I found interesting is that he tries to hide by sneaking in bushes… its crazy… the BOTS ARE EVOLVING


The Monster AI is very intelligent.


When he was “giving up” could that be a bug of him trying to get to Hyde but then he cannot melee?


When monster sometimes “gives up” (I encountered this not only for meteor) it might means he cannot evalute his path on navmesh. Or it’s intended simulation of real player ragequiters ^^


I have noticed odd behavior as well. There are times when he will simply walk up into a Hunter’s face and just try to stay with them, without trying to hit them or anything.

It can be seen in this video at about 0:50 as well as 3:04.


I’ve personaly seen the ai monster stop moving several times since the patch on xbone. So far ive seen the wraith freeze on broken hill murder pits near the tyrant pit. I think ive seen a behemoth stop moveing on hunt and ive seen meteor goliath stop moveing on murder pit as well.


Thank you very much for this info! We are looking into it. All the clips and info you’ve given us should really help!


I’ve seen it a lot and it’s really disappointing to see the new hunt 2.0 create a lot of old issues come back and I really like the new goliath it is so mean in a good way I just hope it’s as strong when we can use it


This will make being Lazarus even tougher :sob:


I’m looking into these! Thank you very much for the info and videos! :slight_smile: