[Logged] Observer Stuck Bug XBX1

When I join my friends games that are already in progress as an observer, it forces me to only be able to watch one person. It will not allow me to switch between monster and other hunters.

Can’t really explain what may cause but so far this has happened to me 5 times in a row and everytime its random who it decides to make me stuck watching.

Hope this helps to fix this.


What type of game are they playing when you’re trying to join them? Does this still happen to you? Is it every time?

It happens when they are playing custom games hunt. Yes it still happens, and yes everytime i join to observer while they are already playing it happens. So far 100% of the time and its been like 10 times

I’ve actually gotten this too, it clears up when you load the game with them but i guess it shouldn’t be happening in the first place