[Logged] New Goliath Bug in 8.0


Since the last update, using the charge right after a leap won’t trigger the animation, making you waste the ability.

Same thing happens with Rock throw, you’ll still throw the rock but the startup animation won’t trigger.

EDIT : Video

Rock throw glitch
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[Logged] Problem with "Fixed animation sync problem when monsters cycle abilities quickly"

Yeah, this is supposed to happen. They’re trying to stop the skip animations people were doing.


Also, does the ability go on cooldown?


Updated with video


So the ability casts, but there’s no animation. Weird.


means you can hit Hunters faster with a rock, awesome, although I havent noticed it yet on PC though. Seems to be console specific.

Please make sure to report your issue as well here: https://www.turtlerockstudios.com/community-report/ with a link to your video. Just to make sure it is send straight to the QA testers of TRS.


Definately is not console specific, its an issue on PC as well.

Few extra vods of the animation in addition to wraith suffering a somewhat similar issue.


So a traversal and then immediately rock throw skips the animation? Ill try to make a video of it too when I can and report it. Great video though.


Ah, this explains why last night i kept having wiff’d charges where it went on cooldown yet didn’t move me or even start the animation. I do believe it mainly happened when using it for traversal, which would likely be a leap smash into charge for me.


same on xbox. nearly cost me a match. charge did not go so i got domed and left stage 1 with 2 bars.



Thanks for the link :wink:


This is fixed in the latest Dev build. Found this one right after the cutoff for 8.0


How severe is the bug? Sorta worried about quickshot now.


Can it be micropatched or are we doomed to work around until the next title update?


Sound a bit gamebreaking to me, so I would prefer a micropatch rather than waiting another month and a half for a title update.


So yeah, this REALLY sucks for Goliath users. It is game breaking. There is no point in using him until this is fixed if you put charge into your normal build. It affects MG as well. I hope this isn’t something that will take weeks or months to fix.


I played a fair bit of him today and I could not replicate this glitch at all. I could run, hop, skip, jump, charge and rock throw without any glitching. Maybe I am doing something wrong that makes it right? lol


Just for clarification, will it be fixed for both Goliath and Wraith?


So is there gonna be a hotfix (specifically for ps4) for these bugs (including the Goliath animations/ personal shield not working in pounce) ? These are things that cant wait until next TU