[Logged] Monthly Punch Card Day 28


Day 28 is supposed to be Renegade Abe, right? And people who own content are supposed to get 20% of the cost in keys, right? On day 28 I see I’m getting 500 keys for owning Renegade Abe when I believe his full cost is 8000, which would mean I should be getting 1600 keys.


Can you link me where it was said that you received 20% of their cost?


Same I just got 500 keys, hehe
But doesn’t bother me anyway, but yes this need to be fix for someone who needs them keys.

EDIT: here is the rewards :smiley:


You have almost 200k keys… don’t be greedy


I’m not, I just said earlier I’m not bothered by it.


This has been around since Stage 2 started.


Well this was dissapointing.


Alright, thanks. I was just curious. :slight_smile:


Not sure what’s up with this, swimming in silver so I don’t care but can a dev confirm that this was a bug or did they just decide to set it to 500 instead of 1600 for laughs?


This is definitely a bug, :sob: no laughs here! I see it set to 1600 on our side (but I do see 500 in game…). We’ll look into it to see where the problem is…