[Logged] Monster sees dropship location for a short moment [PC]

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last few days I noticed (don’t know if that happened before the latest patch) that, as a monster-player, I can see the dropship-landing spot for the hunters. I’m talking about the red, round symbol, usually showing the landingsite for returning hunters; it is visible for the monster, too, even though for just a splitsecond. I don’t know if this is intentional, but sometimes that really helps to find the last surviving hunter and I can kill him (so the team landing is just left with 3 people).

It’s not a huge thing, but it feels wrong to me - I should be able to see the dropship by looking in the sky, not by having the red marker for a short moment. Oh, it happened on PC-Version of the game, if thats important. Sadly, I cannot provide any screenshots, as I’m not even fast enough to screen this, but I hope my point is understandable.

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Added the platform in the title, I believe this is known? Not entirely sure, I’ve known of it but it’s not that big a deal to me :stuck_out_tongue:

But good report. Tagging @Shaners and @MajorLeeHyper

Sure, might not be a gamebreaker, but due to the fact that the symbol only appears for a short moment, I guess its still undesired?

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idk, if I want to attack the hunters from the dropship I just go to where they most likely will be/ follow the ship.

I’m sure it’s undesired, I mean although it’s not too big of an issue it is still a problem. I mean, it gives away the position of the remaining Hunters, even though it’s for about .1 of a second it’s still noticeable.

I am sure it is intentional

it only last’s long enough to give a general direction, and if you are close enough and looking in the right direction to actually get more use out of it than that you do not need it.

When the hunters spawn 300m away through walls it helps get to their general area when you can’t actually see the dropship, it helps prevent stalling by giving you a hint.

Not only PC i got it on PS4 too i Killed a 2 Strikes Assault b4 He already was finish whit his drop