[Logged] Monster fall through world (PC Medlab)

Hit someone who was in the red circle. I hit them with 2 banshee mines (which were right up against the wall), and I used vortex to push them against the wall, and went into to finish them off. Just as they got downed, I got pushed through the world :



Great job specifying what spot.

Minimap position :slight_smile:

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Should help Shanners get it tested. I myself will log in, and try to duplicate it.

Think it needs a hunter to be there. You want me to be the test dummy?

Sure, I’m basically going to go there, and try to see how to get through; if I can.

I’ve tried duplicating as Kraken on my own, with little success. The bug may have something to do perhaps with the victory dance the monster does when the incap a hunter

Alright, trying it, and I can’t seem to do it. So it’s probably unlikely to ever come across it normally.

I had the same thing happen today. But as a different monster and on a different map.

My poor Behemoth as he struggles to survive the nothingness.

Here’s the Area it happened.

I believe it happened the moment I used Rock wall there. I had a player incapacitated and used rock wall to keep people away from him. Might have incapacitated another hunter in the process. Don’t know if that will help reproduce it.

Thank you very much for the detailed info/pics!!