[Logged] Mimic insta-explodes out of combat


I was playing a training match against bots with Gorgon and put 3 points in Mimic at stage 3.

When I am out of combat, the Mimic explodes instantly so I cannot use it. But if I’m in the middle of the hunters and in combat, I can use the Mimic as intented. The countdown appears and I can trigger the explosion.


Video of it?


No point in recording it. There’s nothing to see other than it just explodes.

But I noticed one other thing: This only happens when out of combat. I will edit the OP.


The point in recording it, is it helps the devs figure out how to fix it. :slight_smile: sorry about your bug :wink:


Oh no! That’s not supposed to happen! I’ve logged the issue and have sent the problem to our programmer who will hopefully get this fixed soon.

Thanks for the report! :gorgon:


Super weird. Thanks for the report!