[Logged] Markov Lightning Gun visual bug

After the recent 4.0.0 patch with the implementation of seeing Markovs Arc Mines in observer/3rd person mode a visual bug sneaked in for Markovs Lightning Gun.

100% reproducible by switching from Arc Mines to Lightning Gun right after throwing a Mine without waiting for the ‘reload animation’ of the Mines to finish. Resulting in a second Lightning Gun appearing until you switch to another weapon again.


That looks pretty bad. Devs should see this in a moment.

(I couldn’t help but notice your team was in danger while you were off looking at glitches.)

(How dare you?)



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Bots or no, you abandoned them.

By the sounds of things, they dare quite fine. Thanks for asking.

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Yeah, I’ve had this happen a lot to me as well.
Markov is the only Hunter causing this bug.

Thank you very much for the descriptive info and the video! Very helpful! Logged.