[Logged] Low framerate during the gameplay

:’( I still have the bugs too.

@ArPharazon @LadieAuPair @MrStrategio It’s still not fixed. Do you think you can fix these bugs with the next patch? I don’t really want to wait another month without playing Evolve.

I’ll have to ask one of the rendering programmers @jimmy
about a lead he was pursuing in regards to this thread. He’s out today, but I’ll be sure to follow up with him.


Thank you. :+1:

Here are some threads about FPS drops. Please read them all. I think that could help you a bit. @ArPharazon @MajorLeeHyper @DamJess @MrStrategio

@MrStrategio @jimmy

Thank you for forwarding our bug problem to the programmers.
Please keep me/us informed about the bugfixing progress by adding this issue into the following bugfix-topic:

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@MrStrategio @jimmy @Shaners

Today the new nVidia Driver released in the version ‘355.60’. I still tested the gameplay of ‘Evolve’, but the problem with low framerates still exist with 15 FPS in combats.

Also today on the ‘Evolve steam board’, an other user/Evolve player has reported the same framerate-issue and insert a description about his hardware. Maybe this thread could help you for your bugfix, too: http://steamcommunity.com/app/273350/discussions/2/530649887201644165/

So we feel that this issue is probably being caused by the decals as @ArPharazon mentioned above. @jimmy has been optimizing the code and we’re expecting them to come in a future patch. I’ll be certain to reference this issue in a future patch notes when we know it’s going to be coming out.


Agreed, that’s the current situation.


Are you sure you that this is the problem? I don’t want to wait much more time without playing Evolve. @MrStrategio @ArPharazon @jimmy

No, it’s impossible to be sure, without having your actual computer in house to develop/test on. None of the hardware available to us shows 15 fps, as far as I’m aware (@MrStrategio can correct me if necessary). But I can say that I’ve been seeing @jimmy work longer than 8 hours every day, almost exclusively on performance (all platforms) and the DXGI crash (when it appears).

The performance improvements are measurable and visible on his PC. It’s reasonable to expect they should help other users too. But we can’t know or guarantee that it will completely cure all performance problems on a specific PC. Still we keep working on it as time allows.

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I downloaded the newest patch and it’s still not fixed.

The Problem i see here is an FX8150 on a motherboard that doesnt have any heatsinks on the voltage transformers.

The GA-990FXA-D3 is not at all a good mainboard for FX8xxx series.

Hi @EAX,

thank you for your response.

But why could I play Evolve from February to May without any problems and suddenly the problem with low framerates occurs by releasing a new patch in May? Very curious or strange.

Also please check my posts above, where many other users have the same problem with different hardware settings.
So I think, this is a software problem, not a hardware problem.

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Right, and I think if the PC overheated (or if the voltage fluctuated), then it would crash, not run slower.


Not really. Dont forget this was a really hot summer. Theres alot of complainment about poor performing games these months came due to overheating hardware components on any hardware forum.

And its a known fact that running any FX8xxx Processor on such kind of motherboards do not perform properly.
The first thing that happens due overheating is throtteling the speed of the system, depending on wich component it is.

The FX8350 can throttel max to a speed of 8x 1400 MHz on all cores and after that, if this is not enough the system will crash.

I was running an FX8350 before with an watercooling Corsair H100i and i did hit 61-63°C in these days, with even undervolting the system voltage and i had a proper 160 bucks highend motherboard with heatsinks on it.

Edit: Also your motherboard DOES NOT support the FX8150. Max is an FX8140 wich is supported with lower speeds.

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Please read the whole thread before you reply. It’s definitely not a hardware problem. But thanks for trying to help us :+1:

Hello EAX,

thank you for your post.

It is really a bit strange, but we can definitely exclude a hardware problem.
Please have a look on the posts from other players above my post.

I have played minutes before the ‘May update’ with the arena mode was released and the gameplay was fluently with 60 FPS. After downloading the update on the same day, the problem occurs.

Also again, many other players have the same framerate issue and they have other hardware settings, too.
Please check our examples in this thread here, where other players have reported this issue, too.

Also check this quotation here, which are related to a software problem.

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I did read trough all of them.
Alot of issues has been fixed in the past months, most of these posts are either really old or do not have the complete hardware posted, wich in that case is pretty much nonsense.

Mostly if theres no hardware included people bought some really bad PC rig and then they wonder why nothing works.
You cant just point over every place that might have some FPS issues and think its the one and only problem that you have aswell.

When you run hardware out of its specifications, or something like your FX8150 is unsupported by the motherboard things can become unstable after a patch, but that doesnt directly mean that it is the fault of TRS.

I did ran a FX8350 before on an Gigabyte GA-970A-Ds3 Motherboard, you dont wanna know what kind of weird issues i recieved that nobody could reproduce.

Such like when Scoping with Val Sniper theres hitchups, when sounds play the game freeze for seconds ect.

No. It’s NOT a hardware problem. You can ask @ArPharazon @MrStrategio @jimmy @MajorLeeHyper