[Logged] Lazarus device didn't perform

Well, just like the tile says, I used Lazarus device but it didn’t work ;(


I’ve had more problems using Laz lately than ever. Bodies somehow appearing halfway across the map, body disappearing and revive failing to work. Maybe the last patch has something to do with it? Idk.

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Cloak will misfire on occasion as well, cloak battery will drain but you are 100% visible

Hey! This is a family forum! If you need little blue pills, keep it to yourself…

Oh, you meant the actual Lazarus Device attached to his arm… My Bad

May I ask what platform this is on? It’s hard for me to see in the video! :slight_smile:

it’s on PC.
Click on the video, pause the play, set resolution to 1440p@60fps, let it load for few sec and you will see the best quality.

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I think we had this happen in a match today too, @MidnightRoses?

Yup. Twice. Both when trying to Rez Hank. And no, he was either dead or nowhere near death so it wasn’t the other one.

Thank you for that. Has been logged since 07/15/2015. :slight_smile: