[Logged] Jack's satellite beacon cannot breathe in toxic gas


It’s Torvalds shrapnel that does it I believe

You’re absolutely right. I’ll update the main post with another video.

Nope, some explosive weapons destroy the satellite. This is definitely not intended. Torvalds shrapnel, Sunny’s mini-nuke grenades, Hyde’s toxic grenades, and more (I think) break the satellite, it is not intended and is a bug.

Looks like someone did the testing for ya :wink:

I’m basically QA for TRS.

Except I don’t have to do blocker tests, regressions, input bugs in Jira or their equivalent software, stay late to work, get paid anything for it, have a bug count that’s probably too low to be employed…

Ok, to be fair, maybe I’m actually nothing like that. :smiley:

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Noooo! Not the poor beacons. I think I’ll test this out to see if I can do it with anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

This is so sad! Poor beacon!!


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