[Logged] Jack's satellite beacon cannot breathe in toxic gas

Jack’s poor satellite beacon is susceptible to Hyde’s toxic grenades. If it’s caught in their area of effect it chokes to death and dies :frowning:



Torvald shrapnel also kills the beacon:


That’s funny. Also Since were are on bugs, the buff “animal sense” does not work on MG.

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Lol if I didn’t know you were testing I would’ve thought that you were trolling XD

So, this thread is about a bug with Jack’s satellite. There is a whole category of this forum for bugs, so if the Spotter buff didn’t work on Meteor Golaith (which it does do) then you should make a thread about that in the bugs category. Note that since the spotter buff does work on Meteor Golaith I am not suggesting you actually make that thread, I’m just saying what you should do in a parallel universe where that is true.


I figured since it was still about bugs then might as well drop it here. And yes…AS doesn’t seem to be working on MG. I was 10m away from MG and he didn’t show up as a red outline. Forgot to record it.

This is supposed to happen, weapons are meant to kill the Survey Satellite for balance purposes.

Ah, so you’re saying he can’t be detected with it. I thought you were saying it doesn’t work when you play as him and consume a spotter, which is definitely not true.

Sorry didn’t specify

I’m actually not sure if you’re joking or not. If this is true it seems like a strange decision.

No jokes, not today at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, but Hank’s orbital doesn’t kill it. No gun I’ve ever fired at it kills it. What else do you know of other than Hyde’s toxic grenades actually kills it?

This is in fact a bug. You’re crazy.

@Shaners log this if it isn’t already please :slight_smile:

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Go make a bug thread on it, this isn’t necessarily the place to discuss it :confused:

Well “technically” it is. Since it IS a bugs thread.

but it is a bug thread for this bug, not the one you mentioned.

I figured it wasn’t worth it’s own thread. That and I was kinda lazy.

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But…but I thought it was suppose to happen?

Just tell us what other weapon does this if it’s an intended mechanic.

Torvald’s Mortar Cannon

Hank’s orbital should do it

Neither of those do it. I tested them both.