[Logged] Jack's Pistols Still Deal 40 damage per shot


Jack’s pistol damage was not reduced to 36 damage per hit as the patch notes indicate. He still does 40 damage a shot.

For god sakes, nerf Sunny already

Out of interest, how do you know? o.0


I shot a monster with a single pistol shot and then committed suicide by leaving the map. I dealt 40 total damage on the score screen.

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Do you have the pistols mastered at all? 36 is the base and with elite damage it may be boosted to 40.


I’m testing with mastery and perks disabled.

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Did you connect to the multiplayer servers to download the patch? You have click Multiplayer to download the patch, then give it a try.


I already did that very intentionally before I started my regime of testing micropatch changes.



When I get a chance. This is going just like my last thread about level 2 goliath leap smash so far.


You’ll actually need a video now that I think about it.


Or… you could just go check it incredibly easily. I always make videos when people don’t believe my bug reports.


Just did a test myself, and can CONFIRM, I am getting the same results.

Body shots are doing 40 damage.

Limb shots are doing 20 damage.

Pc player.

Mastery and perks were disabled.


A gentleman and a scholar, many thanks for the corroborating evidence.


Have confirmed on multiple monsters now as well, Kraken, Goliath, and behemoth.

Same story


I shot a Monster’s limb once and did 19 damage, with Mastery on. Not sure exactly how damage is calculated, but 36x.5=18, maybe then x1.1=19.8. Or it would be 36x1.1=39.6x.5=19.3. Either way it was 19.

Edit: I’m on PS4.


Testing with mastery on doesn’t help us much (especially if we don’t know your mastery level), and shooting a limb reduces damage by 50%. The score screen is also off by 1 damage on many occasions.


I think it’s worth assuming my mastery is full, which it is. I included the 50% damage aspect in my calculations. And I don’t think it’s off, I think we’re just not always sure whether it’s rounding up or down.


Here you go. You can skip to the end to see the 40 damage total:


Is that with masteries turned off?


Yes it is.