[Logged]Is it possible to have the same character twice in a match`? I say YeeS

no proof without pictures of course:

i played a singleplayer-match. my bot-team died and i ran away as assault. the monster pounced me and my team came too late to save me. so the assault died and i switched to medic.
as the assault arrived with the ship something weird happened.
must be a bug or something but still funny
i kept playing and enjoyed the force to have two medics in the team and a cabot without assault
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

now i got a question for all of you. what would you say if its possible in custom matches ( singleplayer and multiplayer) to choose characters of the same category?

Wait… so what do you mean?

Also @Shaners @MajorLeeHyper

Wuh Wuh WUh Wuh WU WUHWHWUWHWUUW HOW. Omagaw this is such amaze.

…This bug is back?!


Could you provide a little more info about your match? It looks like you did a custom Nest Match with the EbonStar ally map effect on… Were there any other custom settings enabled?

monster does more dmg, 30 secs revival, no strikes, 30 min time limit without destroying the eggs and three bots and i had lennox.

Got it… Thanks for the info.

Did you see this match TomsMeatPlatter and I posted? He recorded the whole thing, minus the part where we had started before and someone voted to restart, we did, and then this is where the recording starts:

It has two Behemoths and Sunny has the JPB bug, too.

  • At about 8min we land and are instantly confused because we have birds and tracks leading separate directions.

  • At around 9:45 we ran into a Monster but it would turn invisible while rolling. A little after this encounter we realized we had two Bobs.

  • At one point Tom checked the pings cause we thought the Monster was just lagging like shit, but the highest was only 52.

  • At 12 min you can see us fighting both Behemoth’s at once. We killed the lvl 1 and then waited for the “real” one to show up.

  • Then at around 14:30 Tom got Sunny’s booster glitch after hotswapping to Laz and back to revive someone.

EDIT: Ah, just read a little more of the OP. This thread is about the Ebon Star glitch. My bad!

Different issue. Double monster is something completely unrelated to this bug.

Here is me beating 2 Cairas on mulitplayer way back when she was amazing. I don’t know how I won because I played like a total scrub in this one. I’m so slow and clunky. This was back when I was still on my journey to git gud.