[Logged] Is Crow's Stasis Gun supposed to sound muffled? (PS4)

So after playing quite a few matches as Crow, I noticed his stasis gun sounds muffled on PS4 whenever you fire it, whether charged or uncharged. I made this clip so you can hear it without music or dialogue:

If you listen to it here, it sounds a lot clearer:

Just wondering if this is actually a bug or not, anyone else having the same thing on different platforms?

@MacMan @MrStrategio

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im having the same thing on ps4

Tagging @Shaners, this is still happening.

Second one sounds right to me. The sound on the stasis gun is a very soft one, where as the kinetic rifle contrasts it with a sharp one. The vid you took doesn’t match with what it should be imo.

I will log this and also check with @MrStrategio on it!

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