[Logged] Intended or no? Possible kala bug



Fairly awesome air time and about 180 meters distance


Definitely not intended(at least not to my knowledge), I think I heard a tongue grab hit you, but you were already in the portal so you kept flying towards the behemoth anyways when you crossed over. That was very interesting.


Yes it was a tounge grab lol.


That was fucking bad ass. XD

I feel like I’m playing Portal when I play Kala lol.


It was so perfectly timed, I wonder if this can be replicated, I’m sure it can be.


Well i don’t think it is intended but i also don’t think that it is a bug. Technically this is how portals work. As GLaDOS said : “Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes out.” :smiley:


I’m just afraid what would have happened if the dome was all the way across the map or 180 is max momentum distance.


Now can replicate with rock throw?


Interestingly enough…


I had a Hunter go down earlier, after being Charged, and he landed right under my portal on the ground. We had a Laz who tried to Rez him and just portaled. XD


http://xboxclips.com/SQUARE%20Necron/da701900-4e90-405b-856f-ec5c6f926dc4/embed despite shitting myself, no knock back I don’t think.


In capped and dead bodies can teleport. We confirmed this.


Aw, I was expecting knock back.


They call me the master of close calls.


I just wanna catapult people, to make sure I hit those close calls :wink:


What? They can? The guy went down in the air and fell right by the teleporter.


That sounds very exploitable actually, you’re on fire and about to die, boom portal 200 meters away.


Throw the teleporter close as possible to the body and when it sets up, he’ll teleport.


Oh you mean if the portal is placed after they’re incapped? Huh, that’s interesting. And bodies too?

Wow, gota try this with Laz.


Las works better out of the dome next to a teleporter. Run in, healburst, teleport out. If someone goes down, I cloak and enter via portal instead of dome wall.