[Logged] I got stuck on Fusion plant

Was queuing with @toolbear and fighting a Wraith when I got send into tumble, then landed on a ledge, where I was stuck.

Tried to get knocked out of place by orbitals, but it didn’t work

And then wraith came and pounced me, and we were both stuck.

I took a lot of pictures. If you need some more, I got em.


We were all, “Oh noes. Well, this is a loss.” Wraith was off eating and getting ready to evolve to S3. @Pythios’ weapon wouldn’t switch, either, but he could shield and toss an arc mine. I was pretty sure three of us couldn’t defend the relay. We got lucky and managed to kite the Wraith over; perhaps he wanted one more full armor S2 engagement before the relay. We had no idea the Wraith would get stuck like assault. We were hoping he might expend some of his attacks on Markov while we did the best damage we could; that’s how the fight was going up until he pounced Markov.

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Bumped because bug.