[logged] I almost lost my EAR DRUM wtf TRS please fix the Elder kraken bug


Elder Kraken lightning strike is doing some bad stuff on headphones no its not just mine my friends heard it too… it was deafneing … i played the rest of match with sound to lowest… PLease fix this

@Insane_521, @snowkissed


I rewatched my recording and its actually chain lightning… ill upload it and share later if that helps


A video would help as it may depend on where you are in relation to the effect and we’d like to make sure we’re looking at the same thing!


Just in case, here’s another thread reporting it. :bucket_salute:


Thanks @Buckets_Sentry_Gun!

@m3teeh do you know about this one?


This should’ve been fixed in 2.08… :confused: We’ll run a few more tests…


This will be fixed in 2.09. Sorry about your eardrums, Skemo ><


I often heard sound errors that were making popping sounds and high pitched sounds for no reason in this game
with specific hunters or monsters in team.At first I thought It is some troll with microphone,so i set microphone to 0 but it kept happening

this sounds good compared to ingame sounds sometimes

So I just set sounds to 0 and listen music

I always thought It is intended . :joy:

Glad It is gonna get fixed .


I always found chain lightning to be kinda underwhelming in terms of SFX. I never even knew it had and actual SFX until this week.

It would be nice if they kept it a bit loud (not this loud, of course) to give the ability a bit more impact.


Here is the video of it ive linked it at the exact time it happens
@snowkissed, @m3teeh

Despite what I said in game chat I dint give up, I turned down the audio levels and this how it ends, quite nail biting
:stuck_out_tongue:, felt satisfying :stuck_out_tongue:


I confirm.



my ears…