[Logged] Got stuck in a wall after hit by wildlife (PC)

I got stomped by an albino sloth, and got stuck in the aviary wall. Screenshots to follow.image

This was a ranked hunt game vs. a Wraith. I was the Trapper (obviously).

It was the part between the big section and the ice section. The sloth kind of hit me up as I was jetpacking and I got stuck in the wall. I was trying to get on top of the building to the right of the first screen shot.

God dome OP :joy:

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Sadly, when he finally came by, he was able to hit me through the walls. Sad times indeed.

I at least tagged him with my laser a few times.

Haha good job, best trapper 10/10.

This looks fun. ^.-
For like 30 seconds before it becomes annoying. ^.^

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@Shaners @MajorLeeHyper

Shane! You changed your profile picture!

I feel it
Mammoth bird’s fault

Honestly I thought my teammates would rage out but they bought in, herded the wraith toward me, and I domed him and slapped him with my laser at least 3 times before he realized he could get me through the wall.