[Logged] Got hilariously stuck in a tree


Soo, I was traversing and somehow got stuck in a tree, my model disappeared and, surprisingly, the hunters stopped attacking and tried to drag me out of the tree with Griffon (which they did) but I remained stuck. My perspective kept changing as I was harpooned but my model never reappeared. They said I was locked in a crouching position.

Thanks for trying guys :smiley:


I think we (no counterplay) may have been the team lol


Oh my goodness, that’s awesome. Thanks again for the effort!

Also I suppose the video could help the Devs figure out what happened here :slight_smile:


I lost it at “we’re dragging you to safety don’t be scared” lol. Such compassionate people…


You people are awesome. Good sportmanship. It’s sad it has to be mentioned when someone does it, because everyone should be like that.


Couldn’t you just restart the match? or this is ranked and you can’t restart? I had Evolve bug and stuck at skill distributing screen as MG. I requested the hunters to restart, and they did.


I died when someone said “we shall remeber you foundly, majestic beast”


yeah I thought of that after. The monster just said “you tried your best, now it’s time to put down this beached whale” so we did lol


its the same tree LOL


This is awesome. I get locked like that like every 20 or games.

Now with your video. I know its not a hack… 8)


It looked like griffin was taking his pet kraken for a walk


@ThomasJ @happybirthdaymary got one for ya :slight_smile:


@skills4u2envy Thanks for adding us!
@blood_guts & @Terrik the photos and video really helped so THANK YOU :grinning:
It is kind of funny…but I submitted a bug for it :evergreen_tree: :palm_tree: :cactus:


Wait cactus aren’t in the game… this has to mean something…



Maybe with the burrow monster?

ooooh! #hype



Those are some great people. Good sportsmanship by them.


Wraith adaption = velvet worm confirmed


You were… flying around and ended up in the tree after flying? Did you attack or eat anything nearby before getting stuck or no?

@Kathryn_James, what do you mean it’s the same tree? You’ve gotten stuck here before also? :scream:


Its that same STATIC tree that keeps messing with stuff on the terrain locks. I will dig though my vids I have posted of it.

@Insane_521 I have noticed that a lot of issues are happening with that Static tree that rest up against other geometry and stays static.

I first noticed it in my vid of cataclysm with bob, Its also the same tree in this vid and I am pretty sure that tree has been present near the armadon terrain lock that happened as well (dont rem level but the armadon buff was in a passageway with water not to far away)

Anyways, what ever is happening, I have a feeling its something to do with that tree…

That same tree has trapped Jack inside of it in someone elses vid too.


sounds like that tree is cursed lol