[Logged] Goliath leapsmash op

nerf pls


that is a super Goliath right there. New Goliath adaptation confirmed lol

Wtff. He’s like an NBA player, God Damn!

I’ve never seen a dunk with that much power behind it haha.

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Holy leapsmash!! 0___0

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Wow, I want this to be a thing plz! so funny :joy:

That was just cool looking I’m sorry. Please don’t nerf! :smiley:

I wish my goliath would even jump 4 feet in the air without a cricket in the air dead stoping him.

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I want that glitch to stay in just because it’s funny. If you got hit, incapped or killed by you can’t even be mad…

That’s what you call…reaching new heights.

It sounded like he said “Gobi”

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Alright alright. I’ll admit it.



Leave it to an AI to pull this off XD