[Logged] Fusion Plant Nest- auto complete

When playing campaign, choosing this map & mode combination results in automatic win for the Hunters after a few seconds.

Has it happened multiple times? Is it only after you won/lost a certain map previously? happened with different monsters? Does it happen if you play online or have you only tested it in solo mode?


Yes, no, yes, only online :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tagging @MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper @Shaners seems like a fairly major bug.

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I was wondering why this hasn’t come up yet since the big 3.xx patch, but then I realized how few people play Evacuation anymore.

I never played it even at the start i’ve played 99.9% hunt in multiplayer and that 0.1% is arena.

Thank you for this info! What platform are you on? I love Evacuation! I’m not sure why more people aren’t on it!

They’re on PC.

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I had the same thing happening playing on PC Solo Evacuation recently. I was Behemoth and the eggs did not spawn at all, which ends in an automatic Hunter win the moment the counter begins.

I’ve also had the same thing happen to me recently, I spawned in as Behemoth, and the eggs didn’t spawn in so it gave the hunters a win. I’m on PC.

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Small update: I am now fairly certain this bug only occurs when Nest follows either of the Broken Hill maps.

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Thank you very much for the update!

@Maddcow easy coaching when that happened to us.

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