[Logged] Frequent game crashes on xb1

I would estimate that about 50-60% of the games I play online end abruptly with the game crashing. Leaving me staring at the dashboard screen, usually without any error message or idea of what just happened. Its been happening for a while and it just seems to be getting worse. The last time I tried to play for a little while I was only able to play one game out of four without it crashing. Anyone else experiencing frequent crashes on xb1?


Yep. Had this problem since the game launched. Oddly enough when I made a post about it and complained, I was assured it was being fixed. Lol Guess we just have to be patient and tolerate it.

I think I have had 4 crashes since release. Definitely not an epidemic, but odd that some are experiencing it more than others.

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this happens to me often also. seems to happen very frequently when I play goliath

I’ve been working on memory issues all week. I found and fixed several memory leaks. There’s no telling if that’s what caused your crashes, but we can hope.


ive had this happen more and more frequently also… never experienced this problem at all on PS4, I know the programmers are working on it, and im grateful for that!

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Whaaaat? I think I’ve had 4 in a day before. What are you doing to be so lucky?

I honestly have no idea. Just hasn’t been an issue for me.

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I never used to have game crashes until the last update or thereabouts.

Now I have them multiple times a day. Frustrating.

Well that’s good news. Thanks for the reply. I read online that the xb1 can be prone to crashing games if it hasn’t had a full reboot in a while. I tried that and I still had one crash this afternoon but that was out of 4-5 games. Better than usually lately.

I think because

Players when they get rest

They go to dashboard and quit the game

If the game won’t crash after a reboot, but might after playing many rounds, that’s consistent with what you’d expect from a memory leak. By any chance, do you remember whether you see it crash more on “Slagtown” (Broken Hill Foundry)? If it crashes more often on that level than others, that also suggests leaking memory, since that’s the one with the biggest memory footprint.

You don’t have to reboot the whole Xbox as a preventive measure. That works too, but you can also just select Evolve on the dashboard, hit the start button or whatever it’s called these days, and choose Quit from the menu.

The memory leak fixes should go out on the next title update (I don’t know when that will be specifically).

Yeah I just got a crash on broken hill foundary and I am NOT happy. It was a good match too.

I think 80% of crashes I had was in broken hill foundary or broken mine