[Logged] Floating Dead Corpses Of Wildlife


Sometimes corpse of killed wildlife floatin / hovering about one foot over the ground.


I have seen this lately as well. I’m not sure if I have a screenshot of it yet and I don’t think this has been logged. I’ll tag to see if it has, and if so, this thread can probably be closed. @Developers


I’ve come across a few before, just never really been bothered with it too much.

I’ll tag @m3teeh and @happybirthdaymary to see whether it is logged.


Yes, it’s been logged! I believe we did this to prevent the corpse from falling through the world. We have plans to make it look much better (…like actually staying on the floor), but it’ll take a complete revamp of the system and we’re looking for the time to be able to do it.

Hope you can enjoy the full view of the corpse while they’re still floating! :sweat_smile:


I noticed it a lot. But i think its some tyoe of geometry collision avoidance.

They kind of pop up there which means it might be intentional.

But if @TRS could figure out what causes Bobs t. Grab to make wildlife uneatable 50 percent of the time.

Edit:need to read more post first… .


Floating flames


Those my Meaty are fire phantoms.

Quite scary

Yes quite.


Er… we’ve logged the floating fire as well. Thanks for the report!