[Logged] First bug in ranked mode

Well when it says pick your class as hunter. I am pressing on support but nothing happens. JUst a noise. Screen stays same.


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Adding @Shaners

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k sounds good

Just happened to me on ps4 too… Had to drop out (by pressing O) and then went to find a new match. It brought me back to the same party though so no biggy.

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When this happens, are you able to select a different class?

No i cannot. It just stays the screen when picking hunters. I was chatting people in the lobby, and they said they already picked their classes, and waiting for me. But I can’t, it just shows the selection screen with all the classes bright, not dark (like when picked). It just makes the noise like your selecting the class but nothing happens

Happened ALOT more times after my first post here. I just put it down to first night release (why can’t technology ever do it right first time?) and after realising that probably 90% wanted to play hunter, switched to monster and enjoyed quick match after quick match.