[Logged] Fell through map on Wraith- lost points

Hello :slight_smile: I have a big problem, I just had my first loss with classified monster hunting, following a bug. I faced when my hunters Wraith fell into the map until death. I ranked Silver Destroyer with the monster and I earn 1 point per win. But this defeat I’m losing 38 points! 38 points, it is necessary that I make 38 new games to catch up! 38 points when I lose suite has a bug!
I therefore request you, could you, so please delete my defeat me and return my lost 38 points? Please help- me :smile:
I play Ps4 and my name is: Goth299____

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Not a bug, that’s how the ELO system works. Look it up, and get a better idea of it.

Shin : Did you see the vid ? His Wraith just fell down through the ground.

The point loss isn’t a bug, and you can’t have points returned due to a bug in the game. Ergo, that’s not how the ELO system works.

Many people are constantly getting disconnects, and lose points. They can’t get their points back either.

To me, it seems as though he got the traversal bug. It causes you to warp toward the nearest enemy player when you warp, that caused him to fall through the ground I surmise.
But previous statement remains the same.

Eh, @Shaners should see it I suppose.
She won’t be able to help with the point loss I believe. But the bug can be looked at.

Ok, I understand what you mean :frowning: I would not points but you think they can remove my defeat? :smiley:

You remember my Kraken bug on medlab? Same thing - bugged through the world after taking down a player in that specific way - when you pick the hunter up and smack 'em into the ground.

yeah have fallen through the map with a full health full armour bob seconds before wiping a team.During a placement. Was a sad panda

While I agree the loss of points is not a bug, this definitely needs to be looked into. Thank you all for the info! Logging!

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I agree, loss of points is not a bug but I lose them because of a bug. So that’t why I was wondering retrive and delete my defeat :slight_smile:

Won’t be done, as I’ve told you.

Ok, thanks you, I would have tried…